Setting Sun

Source – Ocean Beneath, an electronic music act from the U.K., released their first single ‘Setting Sun’ from their upcoming self titled EP. The song focuses on a synthwave influenced ambience and also includes hints of other similar styles like electro pop and some bits of minimal techno. The vocals feature the talents of Nath Jackson who does an excellent job in implementing a top quality energy to the track, his vocal tone is very pleasant and transmits a sense of contemporary direction that in unison with the high quality audio production, deliver an amazing & very energetic song. The song in fact could rival with tracks in the quality of Gunship or Timecop1983. One of the main attractions of the song are the misterious melodies and tones composed in the verses, that eventually transition to the high energy chorus parts that make this track high value in terms of catchiness. Please follow The Ocean Beneath, we can guarantee top quality stuff with them.