Sexwave is a very niche style of Synthwave that goes beyond just romantic sounding synthwave and focuses more on the erotic. Many of the thumbnails for videos select pics from 80’s photos and adult magazines for clickbate. Some of the fan-made videos incorporate R rated movie footage from the 80’s as well. Many of these synthwave producers fit their music to match; incorporating italo disco, darksynth, synthfunk, and dreamwave among others. Certain youtube channels and artists embrace this style more than others and most of these producers still only create a handful of such tracks.

Perturbator Vincenzo Salvia    City Project Orax Apollo Zapp Cougar Satori in Bed Gonzo Golden Globes NightStop    Trevor Something Bliss Nova iamMANOLIS Sellorekt/LA Dreams Vestron Vulture Sleepover Intruder Stallone Jones Neon Black Volt Age Neoslave