Sharp Blade

Source – Kido from Greece is debuting her first single named “Sharp Blade”, a great selection for a debut indeed, the very synth-heavy track features an amazing music production, an overall very catchy mood, and *as the name implies*, a very sharp and dynamic arrangement with several interesting musical parts.

It’s not very common to find greek indie-electro, especially this high quality and very well crafted, and this is a blatant surprise!
The beat has a very indie classic feel to it yet with a very modern sonic flavor, it’s a solid drumbeat that is firmly confident to hold the whole song with the delightful hooks it has.

The vocals are between sexy & elegant with an air of lightness that somewhat communicates the listener an atmosphere of non-pretentious attitude and they get very catchy towards the chorus, also the texture and style combine perfectly with the more indie electro oriented style of the track.

Worth mentioning is the computerized synth patch and melodies that appear in the middle of the track are top-notch!
The alternative guitars are also a perfect addition, in the end, this is an artist that is skilled with varied song parts and arrangements.

It’s a pleasure to bump into this kind of debuts that are very accomplished already in their craft, sound design, and overall sonic presentation.. it talks a lot about the quality of the artist and commitment to her future releases.

Please add/follow Kit Kido to your collection especially if you are into dynamic sounding productions and more alternative indie-electro styles!