sjowgren – bloom

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Sounds like:
girl in red, big thief, Phoebe Bridgers

What’s so good?

Sjowgren showcases their mastery of the dream pop vibe with "bloom.""Bloom" is the perfect amalgamation of the whimsical feelings I have at exactly 2 pm on a sunny Saturday. The song is soft yet playful, fairy-like and yet wise. It's a song that shows its childlike side but is as complex as some good park reading literature. Sjowgren has always been masters of vibes and atmosphere, but it's super refreshing to hear them so enjoyably nonchalant."Bloom" is the song I wish I had in my younger years, the years when I didn't need to drive to my lover, but I was driven by my parents, and all I had was a view of parks going by and the excitement of seeing my love.

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