Source –‘Sunkissed’ is a beautiful synthwave instrumental track released recently by U.S. act Glome. This incredibly emotional musical piece is filled with a tremendous amount of emotive synth pads and melodies, the musical production is superb and can really engage you in a immersive dreamlike landscape of serenity and tranquility. The slow tempo, and classicly tweaked drum sounds, give the perfect pace for an atmospheric and somewhat romantic track like this. Glome is really skilled in producing electronic music specially modern synthwave, the sound in general can be felt smooth and crisp. The chords communicate perfectly an expansive sense of contemplation, it sometimes remind a little like if BT decided to produce synthwave to some extent. This track is perfect for a summer meditation at the beach, it definitely does honors to its name. Glome is definitely soundtrack oriented material for our taste, very expressive, emotive and magical synthwave at its finest. Please go support Glome and add all or at least some of their delightful synthwave productions to your library, you won’t regret it.