Superlove release new music video for ‘NRG’

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SUPERLOVE have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track NRG, is the brand new single from the Bristol-based noise-pop band and marks their first new music since the release of follow:noise, which was released back in June.

Speaking about the new song, the band says, “this is a funny one really as we’d just released a second album and we were still very much in the writing phase, so just decided to carry on writing. NRG was the first song we put together out of all the writing we did post-album. We wanted to carry on with the same sound we honed in on for album two for sure, as we felt like we all understood the process in writing and recording within that style. You could say it was all really natural for us and almost second nature to fire out songs within that genre and style, as we’d surrounded ourselves with it so much over the last year.

We also wanted to end this year on a bang with a new single release, following up on making our debut touring outside of the UK. NRG definitely was on the right track to fit within that narrative. The song itself follows up lyrical themes of our follow:noise album. Such as being in your mid 20s in a modern world filled with pressures of what direction to take your life in, as well as being so overwhelmed that you feel like you have no energy to pursue what you actually want to achieve. Writing about these subjects always helps lift the weight off a bit for me, almost removing them from my brain and storing them in the song to help clear my head. I say that without the fear of sounding too cheesy there!”

Watch the official music video for NRG here: 

Discussing the new song’s accompanying music video, SUPERLOVE adds, “the music video is always a strange topic for us three, as we don’t categorise ourselves into being a visually pleasing or aesthetically led band at all. So with music videos we always want to make something where we don’t stray too far from our personalities, try and make it as true as possible. For this video that was no different, we love performance videos so wanted to incorporate that and also want it to look visibly British in terms of background etc, as inspiration from some of our favourite bands. Combine that with a quite simple video to accompany the vision of Luke, who directed the video, and there we have it. It was a laugh to shoot it and to spend the day together is always a bonus.”

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