Talk to the Man

Source – music producer/composer David Marvelly AKA Corvax just released ‘Talk to the Man’ a powerful track that embodies the best of early/late ’90s most representative industrial productions. The track’s edgy nature, aggressive tones, and tight drumbeat share a sense of thrill and dark mood. This particular short and to the point production is reminiscent of early/mid nine inch nails works, the vocal style is also on point with Reznor’s calm sections and reaching a great classic climax with loud energetic gritty vocals at specific points in the song. This track is a labor of love to the dark and empowering essence of industrial music.
Also worth mentioning are the heavy guitar work, the crazy & chaotic creative bridges, and the overall potent music production & its dark expression.
Corvax is a great exponent of modern industrial/gothic darkwave carrying on the legacy of pioneers of the genre/style and giving it his own personal taste and improvements!
Please support and follow David and his productions especially if you’re into that hard to find top quality industrial dark sound.