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The Mosfets are the raddest new European rock band of your dreams. They harness the exuberance and mania of 1960s garage rock and psychedelia, channel that musicality through an 80s punk filter, and execute their tunes with 21st-century precision and technical know-how. Their new single, “Welcome To The Apartment Jungle” is the perfect encapsulation of their ludicrously catchy sound. Wildly fuzzed-out bass grooves bounce off raucous guitar wails and a hypnotic dose of keyboards; while the drums never stop pulverizing and the song’s infectious dueling vocals all but guarantee you’ll be singing “No no no no nah nah!” and “Apaaaaaaartmeeeeeent, JUNGLE!” at the top of your lungs after just one spin. This song is crazy in all the best ways. If the Mosfets didn’t condense this ditty to under two minutes in length, heads and hearts might literally explode.

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