The Synthetics – Glimpses of Heaven

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The Synthetics - Glimpses of Heaven

Between darkness and lightness: “Glimpses of Heaven”

The Synthetics - Glimpses of HeavenThe Synthetics are bringing a breath of fresh air to the dark wave scene with their new song “Glimpses of Heaven”. The song unfolds a mysterious but at the same time light-footed atmosphere that comes into its own especially on the dance floor. Although “Glimpses of Heaven” contains typical dark wave and post-punk elements, it surprises with an unexpected lightness in the vocals and guitar riffs. This combination makes the song catchy and accessible despite its electronic restraint.

The song’s vibe immediately grabs you and creates a perfect balance between danceable energy and a mysterious aura. A small criticism could be that the electronic part could be a bit higher to exploit the depth of the genre even more. Nevertheless, “Glimpses of Heaven” offers enough space for the mysterious fog that envelops the dark music scene.

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Glimpses of Heaven (EP) by The Synthetics