The Tempest

Source – us open by first stating that 4nzek is one of those rare electronic artists that is pushing some boundaries in terms of electronic music production and song arrangement and one of their recent releases is evidence of this: “The Tempest” can be a genuine example of a very dynamic arrangement that possesses a warm and sweet atmosphere but at the same time a powerful energetic and dense attitude.
This truly in part because of an exciting amalgamation and fusion of very heavy dubstep with electro ballad and some classic r&b elements. The track also has in some parts epic melodies and sounds that are sure to explode in a great way on a nightclub setup. The vocals are elegant and gorgeous and go very well with the sometimes chaotic nature of the sound layers (oh and we say chaotic in the best way possible just clarifying that 🙂 “The Tempest” is an exciting sonic ride and nothing less, the music production overall is neat and top-notch, the mixing is also on par with more modern productions of the same vein.
If you especially love dubstep, electropop, and some r&b mixed together in a very well thought way, please follow 4nzzek to keep up with their most recent releases!