The Ultimate Summer Soundtrack in Stock Music

Stock music for your next summer soundtrack

Summer is here, and it’s time to heat up your content with some fresh, upbeat tunes. Whether you’re creating a YouTube video or podcast, finding the right music can make all the difference in setting the tone and engaging your audience. When it comes to finding the perfect stock music for your summer content, there are a few things to consider. First, you want to choose music that fits the vibe and theme of your project. Are you creating a travel vlog? A foodie podcast? A fitness video? Each of these genres calls for a different style of music.

Second, you want to make sure the music you choose is legal to use. While it may be tempting to grab a catchy tune off of your favorite streaming service, using copyrighted music without permission can lead to legal trouble down the line. That’s where stock music comes in – it’s affordable, legal, and designed specifically for use in creative projects.

Smartsound Cloud offers thousands of royalty-free tracks. Many even cost nothing to use (marked with a “free”). The app allows you to change the length to your need, and it will automatically adjust the music to fit your project. It also lets you adjust the mix, whether you want the full music playing or just one instrument. The power is in your hands!

Here we’ve listed for you some of our favorite summertime albums to heat up your summer projects.

Summer Vibes stock music album

This pop dance album is filled with uplifting, inspiring, and futuristic beats – music perfect for outdoor summer parties and beach montages. The tracks are perfect for dance clubs and montages, and listeners won’t be able to resist moving to the music. The album features head-bobbing leads, stuttering soulful singing, energetic sliding basses, and rhythmic drops that will get you grooving. This is one of our favorite albums to capture that summer vibe. “Energy of Life” captures the essential vibe and sound of the beach party, “Lonely Parties” is perfect for some hot social media montage, while “Taking Pictures” offers some more downtempo nostalgic feel while still carrying the uplifting spirit of the party season.

sweet home stock music

Check out our Sweet Home album for royalty free Southern Rock

This collection of timeless blues and country tunes straight from the American heartland is guaranteed to set steaming tone for your summertime projects. With a complete four-member band, the tracks transport you from dimly lit Chicago taverns to scenic drives along the Mississippi River. “Into the Blue” has a kind of indy/hipster feel great for social media montages, “Black Sand Blues” is a hard driving blues with a classic sound that feels true to the long highway drives through the forested Mississippi River Valley. “Shimmy Jammy” has got some high energy blues action for the type of steaming summer nights that are sure to get someone into trouble.

Acoustic Weekend

Another album full of ambient soundscapes, these focus on a lighter and more uplifting spirit than the previous two. They are in general more rhythmic and less serious, but provide good contexts for underscore. Tracks like “Lovers” or “Soul Suffers” include long, bass drones with higher toned themes, while “Winter Miracle” or “Bees and Combs” offer a gentle push of percussion-based rhythm.

Endless Summer

Imbue your audience with a positive vibe using this compilation of uplifting tunes. The album is infused with lively rhythms, motivational guitar and electric piano grooves, and pulsating dance beats. “To Be In Time” is a slamming four-on-the-floor dance beat that works just as well without the percussive elements to bring in some energy to your summer groove. “Lollipop” has a great minimalist indy feel to it, an art pop piece perfect for hot summer nights. “Crazy Girl” is a solid dance club track to soundtrack those sweltering beach parties.

Colorful Emotions stock music album

This album of electronic dance music combines soothing guitar sounds and lively house beats with a futuristic twist, transporting your listeners to a new realm of summertime sonic exploration. It features a wide range of modern tracks, from mellow electronic rhythms to energetic trap-influenced anthems, incorporating stuttering vocals and house beats for a diverse mix. “Kites” has all the bass and stutters of modern EDM as well as a happy and positive vibe, while “Retro Dance” carries a light-hearted party theme for late night summer hoppers, and “Feel Emotion” also has some of that more dubstep feel while still being on the happier side of party life.

Stock music is a great way to add some extra flair to your summer content without breaking the bank or running into legal trouble. By choosing music that fits your project’s theme and style, you can create a more engaging and memorable experience for your audience. So why not give it a try? With the right soundtrack, your summer content is sure to sizzle.

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