The Undercover Dream Lovers – Sink or Swim

Sounds like: okaywill,Hot Flash Heat Wave, PWNT

What’s so good?

Up and Down We GoThe Undercover Dream Lovers (the best name in town) dive into an ocean of funkadelic bops, electronic bumps, and smooth lyrical waves"Sink or Swim" is a little message in a bottle, in a wild ocean, and inside this bottle, once the cap pops, is an odyssey of funk noises and rhythmic excursions, shaken and stirred by the waves of the ocean. It sank and it swam and it made its way to you, a gift of electro, a message from the funk future. The track is a must for every house party and every midnight club break. It's truly a beautifully indulgent experience.The Undercover Dream Lovers have made my stormy heart flourish with funk.

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