The Whole World Has Gone Insane

Source – is another kind of synthwave, and as the artist prefers to call it ‘FuneralWave’ we think this term nails it perfectly; welcome to this gorgeous epic tune ‘The Whole World Has Gone Insane’ by award-winning electronic artist The Siren.

There are lots of things to talk about in this track beginning with the intense cinematic atmosphere that gets more immersive minute by minute; the perfectly tuned melodies and synth patches that correlate perfectly with the message and landscape the lyrics are conveying to the listener.

The beat and musical arrangement take nuanced turns in the key moments of the track, showing the high level of music production skill by The Siren for this type of modern synthwave.

Finally, to enhance the song even more, the vocal production, texture, and neat execution mixed with perfectly tuned EFX deliver an impressive sonic experience.
Most modern tracks usually go the short route in terms of duration, which is ok sometimes but in this case, ‘The Whole World…’ is not afraid of going the unconventional not so radio-friendly path and offers a more complete picture without time limits, that we consider a complete success.

The Siren’s ‘1984’ album promises to deliver more of these postapocalyptic and romance scenarios so please don’t forget to give this amazing project a listen and a follow, we can assure you’ll enjoy the complete The Siren’s body of work!