Thomas Barnett explores artificial intelligence in ‘A.I.’

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Now available through Visillusion

Thomas Barnett has just released his latest innovative EP, ‘A.I.’ Now available through Visillusion, this Detroit techno collection blends stripped-down techno beats with occasional melodic interludes.

The EP humorously explores the theme of artificial intelligence, referred to as Artificial Ignorance. It includes four new tracks, each with intriguing names such as ‘Artificial Ignorance’, ‘Data Mining’, ‘Firewall’, and ‘Cloud-Based Funk’. Barnett’s signature style is evident in each track.

Despite the theme, Barnett insists no artificial intelligence was used in the production, ensuring his art remains human.

Looking ahead, Barnett has an exciting summer lineup, including the ‘Dragons’ release and a series of remixes for other artists.

Listen to ‘A.I.’ below and grab your copy here.

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