Valerie Collective Premiere: Maethelvin Returns with Kinetic ‘New Morning’

The Valerie Collective’s Maethelvin, the pioneer of synthwave and other fine electronic fare, is back! The instrumental “New Morning,” premiering here first before its official release date on March 20, showcases the Paris-based Maethelvin’s preternatural ability to make machine sounds erupt into a glorious and tactile festival of unmitigated rhythmic kinesis and unforgettably catchy hooks. This is the kind of number you could easily imagine Fred Ventura singing on.

The single, which will also feature a sick remix by Maethelvin pal and fellow French human Cartridge 1987, follows up a rewarding string of releases from the member of the group of artists that includes College, Anoraak, Forgotten Illusions, Stephen Falken, The Outrunners, and more. (Lost Tapes from Hardware Memories from 2021 was a rewarding, 1990s-informed affair, his 2019 contribution to 5 Years was a warm stunner, and his 2018 EP Continuum is basically a modern classic, for example).

“New Morning” is part of a collection of new cuts that Maethelvin originally wrote for a live show in 2019.

“Around 2022, after the pandemic, I decided to rework them,” he told Vehlinggo. “It’s cool to have this small, first release of this new era of Italo-ish/disco-ish tracks!”

maethelvin ivan castell college
Valerie Collective members Maethelvin (left) and College (right) pose with ‘The Rise of the Synths’ director Ivan Castell. Photo from the ‘Rise’ Facebook page. Date and location is uncertain, but it’s likely February 2020 in Paris for the documentary’s French premiere.

For more information on Maethelvin, check out this Vehlinggo interview from 2015.

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