View the World

Source – is awesome… of course, we couldn’t just leave it at that! the Irish duo delights us with one of their most recent releases: ‘View the World’ that in short terms is an amazing electronic song full of emotion.
In depth detail the tune has a synthwave oriented music production that is definitely top notch quality, David Hayden acts as the production part of the project and excels in crafting cohesive synth layers with a classic 80’s influence and a more modernized audio technique.
John Caulfield, who is the other 50% of the band is responsible for the vocals, that like the music production has also an excellent level of craft, performance, tone, and texture; but what is very noteworthy is the overall heartfelt emotion in the final product.
The synth melodies, the selected sounds, and emotive vocal execution blend perfectly and all stand out, particularly in this release.
The mixing is balanced, with a modern warmth and atmosphere that fit perfectly in this nostalgic type of tracks.
We could say even greater things about Hayfield but it’s time that you find out for yourself how captivating they really can get!