Violet Fears

From our great colleagues at Purzynth Rekords, rising synthwave band Violet Fears just recently released their homonymous single “Violet Fears”, a track with (what we call) a smooth elegance that modern artists (especially) synthwave/retrowave should have in their music palette.

The song (included in their EP “Thrillogy”) also has a neat music production with synth nostalgic melodies that indulges in a romantic atmosphere difficult not to embrace.
The overall music production is neat and smooth, paying attention to powerful drum fill-ins at the right moments, and enhancing the already fine-tuned more classic old-school retro synth and bass layers (the synth intro is particularly thrilling and seductive).

We also have to highlight the vocal performance, its texture, and the selection of musical notes in it, the chorus particularly shines with a heartfelt performance and impressive long notes that immerses the listener in the atmosphere and deep journey the song offers successfully.

Purzynth Rekords does it again finding and adding another very talented artist to their roster, there is no doubt that Violet Fears is a strong, skilled emerging synthwave artist that deserves more than a few listens so we invite all synthwave lovers to follow & add them to their music library.