Way Out

Traumship just released their newest single ‘Way Out’, which is an instant hook in the realm of modern electronic music that empowers contemporary novelty, so in other words, Traumship takes the well-known electro-pop structures and modernizes them to more unusual atmospheres preserving a saucy appeal and an obscure tonality that will seduce specialized ears and mainstream audiences alike.

Possessing a top-notch music production with inventive synths all along the song, Traumship navigates smoothly some EDM elements with more electro and even some industrial nodes here and there.

Overall the song presents an atmosphere of energetic spirit that sometimes evoke a fast-paced cinematic scene.

The vocals are very well crafted and offer a captivating appeal, and listening to them carefully, one can perceive post-punk vibes that give the track a unique personality along with the formula we mentioned earlier.

We encourage the reader to follow and listen to Traumship to guarantee a dose of a more modern electronic style that will give more spice to your listening experience!

You can also watch the creative official video here: