Source – http://www.synthpopyourworld.com/track/feature/chad-atkins-werewolfChad Atkins, a very skilled electronic music producer recently released “Werewolf”, an electronic dance oriented instrumental track with diverse elements from future house and a decent amount of synthwave influenced sound layers. This track feels like it was specially designed for long nights at the dancing floor that also converge with a chill out mood that blends perfectly within the different and varied sections of the arrangement.
The track is instantly captivating from the very beggining wich appears to take a synthwave direction to later transform into a more classic edm track with a very finely constructed drop to kick it off.
One of the higlights can be found at the mid section where a synth lead does a simple & short but very melodic solo. The whole track in general sounds vanguardist and with a very neat/clean production. Chad’s approach to EDM in a more modern fashion is very appealing & should be a great asset in your electronic music collection.