Wild Sea

Source – http://www.synthpopyourworld.com/track/feature/lara-snow-wild-seaIsraeli singer/composer Lara Snow just released her debut EP, that compiles a series of singles she started releasing since last year, this particular track feature centers around ‘Wild Sea’ a beautiful electronic pop ballad that enhances the mellow tones and texture of Lara’s gorgeous vocals.

Highlighting the harmonic and angelical background vocals, the melodies and electronic nuances in the arrangement, the song never stops to transmit a sense of (as the name implies) wild romance, bittersweet drama, and cathartic mixed emotions and at the same time in a sweet serenity that is imminent in the final composition.

Talking about the EP as a whole, Lara achieves a very cohesive musical production along all the tracks, finding her own musical identity, a very attractive one we must note, and in the image department, a very refined personality and fine attitude that should bring lots of new fans in her way in search of this kind of very classy electropop, also worth mentioning are that all tracks have strong messages, superb quality, impressive mixing, and synth work.
“Ghost” and “Cruel World” are hard to beat, these represent Lara at her best.

In the end, Lara has found *we believe* her unique artistic path that will mostly please the most romantic music lovers, if you are in search of a different kind of elegant electropop with delightful solid vocals and a very unique style, Lara will always be a great choice to add to your electropop library.