Wolf Live 2020

Source – http://www.synthpopyourworld.com/track/feature/code-elektro-wolf-live-2020Usually, we don’t do reviews of live tracks, but we had to make an exception with this one;
Synthwave act Code Elektro recently released the live track ‘Wolf’ and oh man this instrumental rocks!
Last year we did a blog post for Code Elektro with one of his 2019 releases and we were very impressed! and this time around he takes us on a wild ride with an awesome produced track version with live drums and electric guitars!
This more organic oriented setup elevates the track to a more industrial electrorock feel, you can taste the blend of fine retrowave synths and melodies with powerful drum sounds and edgy guitars.
The mood and the melodies in this tune are captivating with enough 80’s atmosphere and a general immersive thrill.
Code Electro is definitely a master producing retrowave with heavy cyberpunk leanings.
The hard rock guitar work fits perfectly with all the synth layers and infuse the track with an enjoyable aggresiveness that leaves you wanting for more!
Please follow & support Code Electro, it’s one of those synthwave acts that you shouldn’t be missing!