Wrong Number

Source – http://www.synthpopyourworld.com/track/feature/sour-patch-boys-wrong-numberSour Patch Boys recently released another amazing track from their EP ‘Rated S for Sour’, this instrumental synthwave piece titled ‘Wrong Number’ follows in a similar vein of their previous release, full of impressively produced beats and drum layers with several retro synth melodies all put together in a very varied arrangment, transmitting a sense of sonic vanguardism; this act knows how to push their creativity to mantain a high retention listening experience wich sometimes is very hard to achieve, specially on electronic synthwave oriented tracks, they just give hints of minimalism without being monotonous, but in terms of sound design, mixing and overall tweaking and finishing touches they totally nail it. ‘Wrong Number’ we like to think is obviously inspired by a call gone wrong and this is the poetic tribute to that call that behind has a tense and dramatic intention (a 911? probably ordering a pizza just joking!), you’ll understand what we are trying to say, there’s even vocal samples with the telephone filter very well placed.The track sometimes cleverly balance between organic and digital sounding, the overall mood leans to an 80s sci fi flick and in moments to a more dramatic sensation, but in the end it mantains a consistent, solid cool foundation. Sour Patch Boys are a top quality audio feast, please do yourself a favour and add them to your music collection.