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Photo: Juan Flores

Lauren Sanderson is equally campy and serious, creating an even balance of urban flare and engaging sound. Her new single “They Won’t Like This” captures her vibe perfectly, making it a love letter to her OG fans while also welcoming new ones warmly.

The video for the song completes this ideology, with Sanderson exploring urban landscapes that match not only her aesthetic choices, but also, the blend of hip-hop, pop, and rock music that she incorporates into her sound. It is visibly apparent that Sanderson walks the walk; she isn’t going to throw on an edgy outfit and call it a day, but rather, she’ll watch the underground shows and play her own sets in warehouses.

Her rough-around-the-edges energy is refreshing for audiences, both LGBTQIA+ identifying and otherwise. For many years, mainstream media had an acceptable “brand” of queerness that was presentable as figureheads. Sanderson rebels against this method, instead encouraging her audience to show up authentically–while doing the same herself.

“They Won’t Like This” is catchy, edgy, and topical. You never have to succumb to someone’s idea of “right” to be happy. Be yourself, be weird, and Sanderson will embrace you!

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