Your Friendly Neighborhood Electro-Witch

by Megan McDuffee

Megan McDuffee, your friendly neighborhood electro-witch

As I sit down to write this, I have several topics swirling around in my brain. I could spill my life’s story, I could educate you about music for the video game and film trailer industries, I could ramble about my frustrations and stress around having to wear too many hats, and so on. But for your sake (and mine honestly), I’ll keep it simple.

Welcome to my blog post! Thanks for being here. My name is Megan McDuffee and I’m a composer, music producer, and artist primarily for video games. I’ve built a successful client business over the past decade, and have gotten to work on some very cool things like all the Atari Recharged games, River City Girls 1 & 2 from WayForward, Apex Legends Mobile, the trailers for Annihilation and The Predator, and many more. You can even hear my songs in reality TV shows like The Bachelor and Love Is Blind. It’s been a wild journey, and there’s still so much more to tackle.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

I compose, write, sing, produce, and mix/master all of my own work. In the past handful of years alongside my client projects, I’ve released music as an artist – both collaborating with other producers and artists, as well as my own solo releases. My music is an eclectic span of genres, mostly focused on melodically-driven orchestral and electronic styles; if you put Trent Reznor, Depeche Mode, John Williams, Massive Attack, Deftones, and IAMX in a blender you’d pour out a sonic smoothie something akin to my sound.

While the video game soundtracks are my bread and butter, I’ve just started steering my artist releases in a new direction. My debut full-length album Inner Demons (2021) was a moody, sultry electropop/triphop ride, but the new singles for this year will lean much darker and grittier, with influences like Zeromancer, Motionless in White, Orgy, and NIN. One of the tracks even features the vocalist Telle Smith from metal band The Word Alive! I’m very excited to have collaborated with him. His gorgeous singing and screaming make one of my new singles so darn weird and unique (there’s even chainsaw noises). I can’t wait for you to hear it.

I will share one anxiety-inducing thought of late; what’s really been getting me down lately is worrying about my audience being the right audience for the new tracks. So far my fanbase is primarily fans of the River City Girls soundtracks and synthwave (I did a TON of synthwave collaborations for a couple years, and now I’ve been totally pigeonholed into that genre, haha). While there’s definitely some metalheads among my fans, the Spotify algorithm puts me among game soundtrack composers and one Canadian synthwave producer (who is a friend of mine). Those aren’t necessarily the listeners looking for NIN and Deftones-style music, especially since the aforementioned producer has super light, upbeat, bubbly, happy summery synthwave tracks. Very unlike my new direction. So yeah…that’s been weighing on me lately. I know there are people out in the world who’d really love the “new” me, but finding them is going to be a doozy.

Know any metal-heads or fans of dark electro? Feel free to steer them my way!

So there you have it. A little taste of my style, my woes, and what’s to come. I’d absolutely love it if you had a listen to my work! You can find me in all the places linked below. Hope you have a magical rest of your week. Xoxo from Seattle.


P.S. I’ll have a couple wicked epic music videos dropping later this year too (Jack The Ripper and pole dancing), so be sure to stick around and follow me!


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