Source – https://getsomemagazine.com/blog/zoe-ko-is-back-with-her-sultry-new-anthem-touch-therapy

Women in rock music have always had a knack for pushing the envelope, and Zoe Ko has mastered this art. Her high-energy songs feel electric; however, you don’t need to identify as a woman to enjoy the work, instead basking in the adrenaline glow. “Touch Therapy” features bass-heavy production, intentionally breathy vocals, and a story worth telling.

Ko frequently reflects on her experiences living on each coast and how these places have shaped her life differently. “Touch Therapy” is about a hookup in a car, something she couldn’t do in bustling New York City but found solace under the stars in Los Angeles. It isn’t necessarily that one city is “better” for anyone. Still, instead, branching out to new places can open you up to different elements of your personality that would have gone untapped otherwise.

Instrumentally, “Touch Therapy” offers the same grit that has become a quintessential element of Ko’s signature sound. Small details, like a stutter to represent flustered, blushing nervousness and the sound of a car’s engine as the song’s outro immerse listeners into Ko’s high-voltage world.

Ko perfectly encapsulates the energetic, explorative, and risky vibes she wants to convey in “Touch Therapy.”